Cleaning products

Here at Jens Cleaning Home and Office Cleaning Services we pride ourselves on quality service and products.

We’re so excited to be using Norwex® products that we have highlighted some of our favourites here.

If you’d like to order some of these awesome products for those ‘in between cleans’ incidence, you can purchase them via our shop for ‘to your door’ delivery.

The enviro cloth

My biggest bug bare with my kitchen benches, was that no matter what I used, what product, or how much paper towel, I couldn’t get it completely streak free. With my enviro cloth and water, I can remove spilt spaghetti sauce, crumbs and coffee marks from my bench top and it looks
A M A Z I N G!!! No more smudges. Love it!

The bathroom mitt

I can do my mirror, vanity, shower and bath all with one cloth. My bathroom comes up sparkling and I don’t feel like I’m putting my whole body into the cleaning process. Super satisfying to be able to feel the dirt wipe away.

The cleaning paste

For stubborn grime, this is a no brainer for me. Some cleaning paste and no more pressure applied than if I was washing my hands, this can remove hard to budge dirt.

The Window Cloth

brings everything to a beautiful shine. It’s awesome, in conjunction with the enviro cloth for getting mirrored doors shiny, or for buffing the induction stove, even fridge doors. LOVE LOVE LOVE the results the window cloth achieves